Frequently asked questions

Does my dog have to be vaccinated?

All dogs must have up to date vaccinations prior to arrival. We do not insist on dogs having vaccination against ‘kennel cough’ if you do wish to have it done it must be 3 weeks prior to arrival. Proof of vaccination will be needed before admission to the kennels.

My dog is in season can she still board?

Yes –We do not mix dog any way but we will exercise her away from other dogs. But she will be boarded at you own risk.

My dog is on medication can he board?

We will administer medicines as instructed by the owner. There will be no extra charge for this service but please ensure that we have sufficient medication for the duration of the stay. If we have any concerns regarding your pets health we will contact your vet to discuss them.

Can we bring our own dog's bed in?

We provide raised beds and a soft ‘vet bedding’ and blankets for comfort. These can be washed and dried quickly for hygiene purposes. If you would like to bring anything from home to help your dog/s settle a small blanket or old t-shirt is fine this is left at the owner’s risk. We will not be responsible for lost or damaged items. Please DO NOT bring dog beds/bedding or plastic beds. Beds do get wet/muddy/soiled on occasion and we do not have the ability to wash large items. We cannot guarantee bedding will be freshly laundered on pick up, so we prefer to use our own. Please label all blankets with a wash resistant marker and include your dog/s name and your last name.

What is included in your charges?

Our charges include the cost of boarding, food, heating and insurance.

How often do you walk the dogs?

All the dogs are walked twice a day on lead and they also geoff lead play sessions with a member of staff in our secure exercise pens or field.
We do not exercise dogs together, unless from the same family, as a matter of safety.

Will my dog get to play with other dogs?

We do not socialise dogs, unless from the same family, for safety reasons.

Can my dogs share a kennel?

Dogs from the same family can share a kennel but they do so at the owner’s risk, we cannot be held responsible for any injury caused from one dog to another and the owners agrees to pay any additional fees if Belham wood Kennels feels that the dogs need to be split.

Can we bring in toys ?

You are more than welcome to bring any toys that your dog/s may like during there stay again this is at the owner’s risk. The Kennels will not be responsible for lost, damaged items or if your dog/s chews and swallows any toys.

Can we bring in treats ?

You are more than welcome to bring any treats that your dog/s are used to please make sure they are clearly labelled with your dog/s name and your surname

Does my dog need a Collar or Lead ?

Whilst your dog/s is with us they must have a collar and lead if you use a harness or Halti to walk your dog/s on please bring this in too.

On arrival your dog/s MUST BE ON A LEAD AND COLLAR

Please resect other customers dropping off or collecting their dogs that just because your dogs like other dogs theirs may not.

Covid -19

Bookings - Terms and conditions

Please note Due to the on going situation with Covid-19 customers book at their own risk that the travel plans maybe cancelled. Due to being a small business affected by covid-19 we have to enforce our standard terms and conditions during this time.As per our our Terms and conditions14 days notice from the date of arrival must be given to cancel or amend the booking or the full period charged.All deposits are non refundable and are non transferable. A deposit will be required at the time of booking which can be paid either by cash or bank transfer, a booking is not confirmed until we have received the agreed deposit.​

Dropping off your dog

In order to maintain social distancing measures and to safe guard both our customers and ourselves We are working to appointments only and we are not using our reception area. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU OR ANY OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD EITHER HAS OR HAS SYMPTOMS OF COVID – 19 OR HAVE BEEN IN CONTACT WITH ANYONE THAT HAS. Arrival Procedures
All paperwork (clients and dogs details) must be up to date before arrival All customers must pre-arrange a drop off appointment time please ring or email to book. On arrival our gates may be closed customers are asked to ring the bell on the gate you may then drive in to our carpark.

Collecting your dog

Departure Procedure
The departure process is similar to arrivals but in reverse.
Collection appointment time will need to be agreed and payment must be made via Bank Transfer prior to collection. On arrival our gates may be closed customers are asked to ring the bell on the gate (bell will be cleaned each time) you may then drive into our carpark.

What can we bring in for our dog?

We have created a guide on What to bring with your dogs into kennels. Please click here to read

Looking around prior to boarding

Look around? We are now able to have customers in to look around. Following guidelines, we are currently doing this via appointment only and your details will need to be registered with us. On arrival you will be shown around via one member of staff and will need to sanitise your hands before entering and wear a mask whilst inside. Please pop us a Email or give us a call if you would like to book to look around Please note it is not possible to take your dog around the kennels.


Payment must be made prior to collection via bank transfer (Details are on your conformation email) or cash (exact amount in a envelope)