We pride ourselves on giving your dogs the best care.

We provide  soft raised beds and a soft ‘vet bedding’ and blankets for comfort. These can be washed and dried quickly for hygiene purposes, ​but if you want to bring a small familiar blanket from home you're more than welcome.​


​Fresh water is down all day and all the kennels are cleaned every day to provide a clean and healthy environment.​


Our kennel blocks are heated to keep our guests nice and warm,

Our kennels are run differently to most,

We DO NOT put the dogs bed when the kennels are closed.

Our routine is that at around 10 pm (sometime later when the weather is nice) we give the dogs the option for last wees, settle them down with bedtime biscuits and classical on the radio.We find this means the dogs are far happier as they don't need to keep their legs crossed for so long and the environment is calm and happy 

90% of the time there is little barking but of course when dogs are coming and going (we have a giant door bell that the dogs learn), when its feed/walk times or when we have customers viewing everyone of course gets excited but they soon settle down again. 

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