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All of our playtime and exercise are  one on one with us,

We do not mix dogs unless they are from the same family or they know each other prior to coming in to stay.  

Our kennels are set in 2 acres of land which is split into different sizes  areas to ensure we can cater for all types of dogs, with the security they can be walked off lead or on lead depending on your wishes and your dog’s needs.

When the weather is nice the dogs have paddling pools, slides, tunnels as well as a ball pools and there is always plenty of toys to play with.

We know that mental enrichment is just as important for dogs as physical exercise. Research has shown that increased mental activity results in improved mental health and cognitive function in dogs. It builds confidence, releases stress, prevents unwanted behaviour and wards off boredom.

We love to come up with new idea from new play equipment in our play areas, snuffle matts, lick matts, treat balls or simply spending time teaching or practicing basic commands.


Why we give your dogs off lead playtime rather than on lead !

Here at Belham Wood Kennels we adapt all our exercise regime to each dog in our care as no 2 dogs will be the same. We base all physical and mental stimulation on each dog as a individual depending on Age , breed and each dog’s personality.

We chose not to walk dogs on lead (unless of course this is needed for health reasons)

Our bedtime routine gives your dog the ability to use the grass areas before bedtime to have a last wee etc, just like our owners do at home. This means we are very few “accidents” overnight , meaning happy dogs. No dog likes to mess in their own areas.

The benefits -

Freedom: off lead time allows the dog to run, play, sniff, roll, spin, jump and sprint and the freedom to do dog stuff without the restriction of a lead. This is beneficial for good mental health.


Enrichment: your dog gets to engage in the natural world around them in their own time. They can follow a scent or explore which provides a sense of serotonin and dopamine. The making of a happy dog.


Needs: your dog has natural breed specific behaviour they need to indulge in every now and then no matter what their breed or breed mix is. A retriever and spaniel wants to retrieve a ball for you or sniff everything, a greyhound or lurcher wants to sprint and show off some speed. It’s hard to meet these needs while on lead.


Energy : of lead time provides mental and physical stimulation. It allows your dog to burn excess energy and allows them tire more quickly in a positive way.

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