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Dinner Time


All of the dogs staying with us are fed twice a day (or more if  required)
Unlike a lot of kennels our standard kennel food is a more expensive food with high meat and a low cereal content. We also keep in a selection of wet foods.
Stephanie is nutrition trained and believes that feeding a good diet is key to a happy healthy dog. 


If family dogs are sharing a kennel they can be separated for feeding time, if required, to ensure both dogs have eaten.


​We stock a selection of Arden Grange dry food
We also keep in a selection of wet food.

 You are more than welcome to provide your dogs regular food if you prefer.
We are happy for you to supply your own raw if your dog is fed on raw/barf diet.

To ensure our guest have lots of mental stimulation as well as physical during their stay we keep in a large selection enrichment toys including Snuffle Mats, Kongs and food balls.

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